Sometimes assignments may come up short when considering available data on a topic. Many wonder how to make an essay longer when required to meet a certain word count or number of pages for an assignment. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your work appear longer that’s fast and easy. While there are many ways to make an essay longer, knowing which options depend on the outcome you’re trying to achieve for your project. Some options are obvious such as writing out certain details, but others may be new and different while being a lifesaver to help meet paper writing requirements. Here are some suggestions to consider for your assignment.

How to Make an Essay Appear Longer via Changing Font Size

If your able to change the size of the font for your written content it can make your paper look longer instantly. Choose a size font that is reasonable for your content, but try to avoid making it look so big it was obvious you were trying to fill up the page. Try increasing your font up a size or two from your usual size. Some also suggest changing the type of font to make your writing seem longer. Some fonts require more space within a line sentence. Changing font size or type of font is a common way many seek when wanting to know how to make essay longer.

How to Make an Essay Look Longer by Increasing Line Spaces

Adding space between sentences may be done differently when considering ways to make an essay longer. You can choose to double-space your work or change the line spacing that appears between each sentence. Other things along these lines to consider may include changing margins. You can increase the size of your top margin or add additional information to your written content required in the margin. For example, if you are required to mention your name, date, class, instructor, and etc. consider placing each piece of information on its own line while being flush to the left or right of the page.

How to Make Essays Longer with Sufficient Details

As you write about your topic consider ways to explain your work further to add more information. Sometimes a point may be simplified into fewer words. In this case, consider expanding on the point to add more volume to your work. A few paragraphs may benefit from this option. If you have a supporting point in each body paragraph after your introduction paragraph, think about additional information related to it that gives additional content to your paragraph. Make sure the information makes logical sense while connecting to other parts of your work. Try avoiding adding information that looks like nonsense but simply adds an extended explanation for the point mentioned in the paragraph.

How to Make Essays Look Longer by Spelling out Numbers

Sometimes numbers are required to be written out depending on where it appears in the sentence or how it is used. Usually, you can get away with using numbers in numeric form such as single digits. For your paper, consider writing out the number (one instead of 1, two instead of 2, etc.) if a number is mentioned. Keep the general rules for numbers related to calendar dates, unless you can write out the month instead of using the abbreviation.

How to Make a Essay Longer by Writing Out Contractions

Sometimes you may be required to avoid using contractions if your teacher or instructor expects a specific presentation of your written content. Writing out contractions gives you two additional words such as could’ve (could have) or they’ve (they have). You can check for contractions after writing your paper if you don’t remember to write them out as you work on the assignment. Use the replace or find search options within your word document to help find contractions faster to make changes.

After wondering how to make my essay longer you’ll gain ideas on which options is best for your assignment. Check your work by reading your paper from start to finish and make additional edits before submission. You may notice a difference in length and overall presentation of your content. Also, you may consider getting help of the homework service.