Homework is fun. You’re laughing now, right? Most children and teenagers, young and old, despise the prospect of homework. They dread starting essays for school, detest their math homework, and become bored at the idea of studying for an upcoming science or history test. The key to making these mundane tasks enjoyable is to learn how to make homework fun. By making their nightly assignments more enjoyable, students can engage their brain and make it easier (and less boring) to learn.

Why You Should Learn About Making Homework Fun

Your mind is as bored as you are. When it does not want to learn, it is nearly impossible to absorb the information in front of it. This means that you could spend hours looking over materials without learning anything. Not only is it a major waste of brain power, failing to find fun ways to do homework is a major waste of time. There are so many more effective ways you could be learning!

How to Have Fun Doing Homework: 5 Easy Tips

  1. Create a Reward System
  2. Receiving a reward lights up the pleasure center in the brain. This means that regardless of what you are studying, giving yourself a reward makes it more enjoyable. Keep a bowl of M&Ms, fresh cut fruit, or another enjoyable snack. Let yourself eat one each time that you answer the question correctly.

  3. Get Organized
  4. As you consider how to make study fun, consider colorful organization. Using flow charts, graphic organizers, and other organization methods help engage the visual part of your brain. This makes it easier to retain what is in front of you.

  5. Tell a Story
  6. Are you stuck on a set of words that you need to remember for an upcoming test? Use the words to put together a funny story. Laughter and humor are good emotions—they will trigger the long-term memory storage of the brain and help you retain what you need to know.

  7. Get Creative
  8. Something else that you do as you consider ways to make homework fun is to get creative. Instead of working your math problems on paper, use paint or models to help you solve problems. Create a poster board with a collage of related ideas or a diorama.

  9. Learn to Take Breaks
  10. While rewards are one way to stay on task, you should also take breaks while learning. When your mind is tired, it is less likely to store information. Instead of pressing on, give yourself 15 minutes to re-center your mind.

Websites Teaching How to Make Doing Homework Fun

  • Pinterest- Idea sharing sites like Pinterest are a great option for finding idea boards and crafts that can make learning easier.
  • RedTricycle- This article has ideas about designing a space for learning, creative learning, and other ways to make homework fun.
  • Youtube- Media sites like Youtube have videos that make learning fun. This might include rhymes or songs to help kids remember information, as well as tutorials that provide extra guidance.
  • Education Place- This website is ideal for students who work better visually. You can use this as one of your ways to make studying fun. The included graphic organizers help you sort information.

Advantages of Learning the Art of Fun Homework

Taking a greater interest in the way that you learn helps guarantee your efforts are not wasted. There are many advantages to a more fun, engaging way of learning. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better motivation to learn
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Less time needed for studying
  • Better information retention

When you learn how to have fun doing homework, it makes studying and learning an easier way to spend your time. Not only will you enjoy learning more, you will increase your ability to remember what you are learning. Engaging the mind is the only way to enjoy your assignments—otherwise you will have trouble motivating yourself to get them done.