“I can’t focus on homework.” This statement is one of the reasons many students find themselves struggling to get good grades in school. Many parents assume the best route is medicine, especially if their child has a condition like ADD or ADHD. For other students, it is better to train the mind. With the strategies in this article, students will find themselves better able to concentrate on their assignments.

Why Can’t I Focus on Homework?

Children and teens struggle for any number of reasons. Some do not have enough sleep to stay focused. Others might have an underlying medical condition that causes them to lose attention.

As you consider how to concentrate on homework, be open to trying new things. Many of these tactics cause you to question what you have been doing for. Expect that your mind is going to be resistant to change. Then, have the fortitude to power through the resistant. As with dieting, exercise, changing your sleep schedule, or any other habit you are trying to change, it is going to take time. It will become easier, though.

Learn What Works

As students try to focus using different techniques, they might become discouraged when they can’t focus on studying. It is important to remember that everyone’s brain works differently. While one person might benefit from listening to classical music while they are studying, another might find it distracting. Some people do their best work early in the morning, while others study best at night after they have relaxed.

Create Focus Triggers

People thrive in a state of comfort. Regularly doing something feels normal and doing something new can feel uncomfortable. One way to take advantage of this habit is to reprogram your brain to focus. Instead of relying on your mind to calm down, you can create a focus trigger. You link a physical action to the act of knowing how to stay focused when studying.

For example, pick an area of your home to regularly do work in. Sit up straight with your shoulders back. Close your eyes and take a deep breath while you bring together your middle finger and thumb. Do this three times, then open your eyes. Concentrate on the task in front of you.

If you find your mind wandering, bring it back to what you were focusing on before. Over time, your thoughts will be less intrusive. You will be more focused on the task at hand. Each time that you do the mini-meditation and bring your thumb and forefinger together, a state that lets you know how to focus on homework comes over your mind.

Learn How to Not Get Distracted While Doing Homework

Electronics are incredibly distracting. Turn your phone down when you are doing assignments. If you have to work on the computer, avoid running social media or your e-mail in the background. Having the right environment is also important as you consider how to stay focused on homework. If it is loud, consider playing instrumental music or running a fan to drown out excess noise. Let your family or roommates know that are trying to focus on studies. You could also go to a library or other quiet area where you know you’ll be able to work in peace.

The right techniques ensure even the most distracted kids maintain focus when doing school assignments. Instead of thinking, “I can’t do my homework,” consider the tips above or get psychology homework help online. It’s important to remember to set the right environment and be willing to try different techniques. Creating a focus trigger can also make it easier to help yourself relax.